Arbeto Warsh

Age: 45
Gender: Male
Species: Dark Elf
Blood type: ???
Birthdate: December 13th
Height: 6' ft
Weight: 200 lbs.
First Appearance:
Place of Origin: Vespia
Class: Augurer
Position: Underling

Formerly of the Magocracy, Arbeto was undertaken as an apprentice under great risk. The fact that he was a Dark Elf was taken with dubious tension. Then, to no one's great surprise, he up and started betraying them with giving away already known secrets. He failed an honor test by the Magocracy, and thrown out immediately.

Powers and Abilities

While he is not the brightest Augurer, he is somewhat powerful. He has even garnered up a small following of monsters and lesser Wizards. This is due mostly to the fact that he serves a much greater master. He has mastered the basics of the art of magic, and also has some of the more advanced spells under his belt. Most of his powers have to do with the element of fire, though he also has some of the more common spells in more variety.