Brumera is a land that has stock in trade with Galan, but is not considered one of its allies. It is a Dwarf dominant territory with the highest technological advances in all of Aralur. However, it is against their laws to sell or otherwise divulge their secret high technological trade to anyone outside of their walls. Their inventions range from clockwork to steampower, and also have a large field of imbuing devices with magical qualities in order for them to work. While they have one of the highest trade rates in the world, their government is also one of the more mysterious.


Brumera is mostly a very large city. There are gigantic structures all throughout the land, and any rural areas are still filled with somewhat close together houses. In some parts of the cities, there are large parts that are considered slums, and areas of high crime rates, as well as low quality of living. These areas are normally avoided by the vast majority of outsiders, but it is also an area that is popular for mercenaries to find work.