Castle Donovan once belonged to an aristocratic family, built by Alistair R. Donovan in 1228, and past down to his son, Alexander Donovan. Sadly, though, he would be the final living
resident of it. In 1245, Alexander was found, headless, and his entire family along with his servant staff were found nailed by their heads to the wall. Nothing is known about what happened that fateful night at Castle Donovan, but what is known is that ever since then, there has been a horrible hex on that place. 


Every year, when the moon is full, and red, the Galan capital of Zenewark is attacked by horrific undead creatures of all kinds. In the recent year, the city almost burned to the ground, and many lives were lost. A group of soldiers that ran the remaining undead creatures out of the city followed them a long way to make sure that they did not return. To their surprise, though, they noticed that the creatures ran to the castle. The next day, a group investigated the Castle Donovan and they found no trace of the undead.


Before anymore damage can be done to the city, your quest is to investigate the castle. Find what causes of these monsters to attack Zenewark. Bring proof of your victory to Lord Denka of City Hall and you will be rewarded.