Merl, a land at the most southern part of Aralur. A land that is shrouded in absolute mystery. Over sixty years before our current day, the land was said to be a flourishing flower of civilization. It was even said to be especially great in its innovations and exportations. Galan and Merl were the greatest of allies, and as long as Merl existed, Galan could not be touched by any forces, given its position where one could help the other within a couple of days if the worst were to happen.

The worst did happen, though. No one foresaw anything happening to Merl, but literally, in the matter of one night, nothing came from Merl. Those who went to Merl after that day
Necropolis by dominuself-d6oi0j0
were either never heard from again, or came back and could not remember a single thing that they saw. From a distance, it looked like the cities and structures still stood, but there was no life. There were no animals around the area, there wasn't so much as a soul moving within the shadows of the building.

Merl died so suddenly that even its enemies didn't know what had happened. So many wished to investigate the area, but all of those who attempted were either dead or returned with no memory of what happened. This included those who wished to take the land for their own. Those who attempted to take it by force were returned to their homes in the satchels of their horses, dismembered with their body parts scattered in their carts. 

Soon, Merl was forgotten and the idea of returning it to the Galan Kingdom's possession was abandoned outright.


Very strange things have been coming from the dead land of Merl. Those who are anywhere within an eye shot of Merl have reported seeing a glowing purple aura emitting from the ground,
and activity of the strange kind all around have been spotted in recent weeks. Some have even heard the laughter of children. 

Then, completely out of nowhere, there came a woman walking through the surrounding plain, markings tattooed all over her body. Those who have attempted to contact her have been met with aggression, namely a strange magic she uses to run people off. It is clear that she has come from the land of Merl, and has been identified as the Duchess of Merl's capital. 


The woman was last seen in the western desert, southwest of Galan. You will need to travel through Vespia, and find her somewhere in the barren waste. She is needed by the Galan Royal Family to answer some questions about the fate of Merl. She may have some answers, but she is also very dangerous.