Character Template

Age: Self Explanatory
Gender: Are they male or female
Species: What race are they?
Blood type: Self Explanatory
Birthdate: What month were they born, no year necessary
Height: How tall are they
Weight: How much do they weigh?
First Appearance: What quest did your character first appear?
Place of Origin: Where were they born?
Occupation: What do they do
Position: What is their rank
Family: Who do they call family


Explain something about how your character acts. This should be at least one paragraph.


What do they look like, this should be 1-2 paragraphs.


What is in your character's arsenal? What weapons do they normally use? Please list their name and explain their usage.


What can your character do in the ways of fighting, occupation, crafting, magic, and anything else that pertains to how they handle themselves? In your own words, what is your character?


Explain some things about your character's history, this should be at least one paragraph.