The more dominant race in Aralur. Of all of the lands, the humans set up the greatest civilization known as Galan. Though they prefer to live in peace, they will be quick to take up arms in defense of their own. They are known as the most versatile race of Aralur, which can benefit them a great deal, but also may be their greatest challenge that welcomes corruption.


Great miners and smithies of the lands. They prefer to reside in large mountain ranges in order to obtain rich minerals to enhance their crafts. They are not very accepting of other races, though they are in agreement to keep peace in their lands and insure their own survival through battle treaties with humans and elves in case

A Dwarf working while an Elf watches

the worst case scenario were ever to occur.


Though, of the civilized races, they are especially rare outside of their own habitat, they are not unheard of in larger cities. Elves do not trust other races, humans especially. They have always been in danger of being sold as slaves because of their rarity. In history, though, humans and dwarves have come to their aid in their gravest time of need. Because of this, they are not outwardly hostile to either race.



A brutish race of warrior folk that are in constant conflict with the humans. A large tribe of Ogres known as the Bloodaxe Ogres are always lying in wait in the outskirts of Galan. They bide their time and prepare for the perfect moment to attack. Their strength is legendary, and their moderate soldiers are far stronger than even the most brutish human. Their one grave disadvantage is that of numbers. Ogres are especially underpopulated for several reasons. Even with diminished numbers, though, they pose a great threat to the Galan Kingdom.


Native to small islands or coastal lands. They are known as magnificent swimmers, and have a great advantage when fighting in water. They are a loner race, and have been known to be hostile to others, because of their history of being attacked or taken advantage of by
bands of raiders and thieves. Though they can be seen in big cities, they choose to hide their heritage and keep their true nature a secret to others that they don't fully trust.