Elemental magic is a widespread practice under many classes of spellcasters. It harnesses the energies of natural elements, namely water, fire, earth, and air. There are many users who master a single element and are able to use it in mass effects. Then there are the ever so rare cases where a caster is able to master all four elements, alongside other destructive powers. These people do not tend to survive for long periods of time, as their arrogance get the best of them and they challenge tasks that are too much for their abilities or they exert too much of their own power and are destroyed. 



Mages are normally the most common type of Elemental users, and have vast knowledge and nigh-infinite resources of learning and training on the subject. Their great amount of history on the subject has given them artifacts and energy sources that aid in their progression, while they multiply their power and harness it into a technique of combat and a useful tool to help them out of harsh situations. There have even been official learning facilities to increase their numbers in order to amass a more studious kind of soldier in order to protect their own interests. 

While a great percentage of these learning facilities do not bring out anymore than the
Fire mage by uildrim-d4j5o8o
generic sort of students, there have been several accounts of student mages that have easily surpassed not only their peers but even their trainers in a matter of only a few years. The greatest of these have also become a stain on their reputation, as some of them not only use their new found abilities for unscrupulous activities but even go so far as to subject themselves to an archrival faction. 


While Mages concentrate on the elements themselves, Sorcerors have been known to reach further back to the element's origins and draw energy from it. This is the reason why they are able to summon up the power of a Dragon or an Earth Elemental for short periods of time, or in some cases for indefinite amounts. Sorcerors do not rely on magical items as much as mages, they are more suited to consider themselves as the magical item and as such have an unlimited power source. The problem is that they cannot harness the energy, but can use it from a predetermined location, more often from another plane of existence. While Mages are able to use the full strength of their spell for a period of time, while growing weaker as their energy runs out, Sorcerors are able to use the full power of a spell multiple times, but only for a limited amount of spell casts. 

They do not limit themselves to elements, though, Sorcerors have a broader library of abilities that focus on magic in its rawest form.