The Great Kingdom of Galan is the first location to appear in Dragon Quest. Ruled by monarchy and protected by the Knights of Galan, the kingdom has its capital estabilished in Zenewark.

In the year of 1286, during the reign of King Daroun, the kingdom got involved in the Dragon War, a massive conflict involving the Knights and the Great Dragon Gariadon.

Main Points of the Kingdom


The Royal Capital of Galan, Zenewark is the most important city of the kingdom, as it is the home of the royal family and the place where the Knights' Quarters, property of the Knights, are installed.

The Augurer's Tower

Main point of the Magocracy, the Mages' Hegemony, the place ruled over by mages. The tower, as it can be fully understood only by the augurers, has its gates sealed and open only for some few.

The Twelve Baronies

The baronies are, as a whole, the homes for the most powerful nobles in all Galan, excepting the royal family. Their location is far away from the capital's, for the baronies have its whole set of laws, manners and a small army, meaning they are pratically separed from the rest of the kingdom, but, differently from the Magocracy, they do pay tribute for the crown.


Located between the three greatest cores of the kingdom (Mages' Hegemony, Zenewark and the Twelve Baronies), Magmaell could be described as the biggest inn in Galan, as its area is huge, divided in several buildings. All races are accepted to stay and join the market center that was formed within its surrondings.

Krenian Memorial

Dedicated for those who died in the battle of Mount Krenian, now inexistant due to the magic of the Great Dragon Gariadon, the memorial is a round stone square surronding the statue of soldiers climbing up the mount.

Gariadon's Desolation

The wasteland corrupted by the Great Dragon Gariadon is a dreadful place populated by undeads and other types of monsters created by the dragon's magic, where neither Galan nor other kingdoms try to invade.

Gates to Vespia

Gigantic stone and steel gates constructed by dwarves, the gates' function is to minimize the contact between Galan and the southeastern kingdom, Vespia, due to a personal grudge between the two royal families.



Simplified map showing the main points of Galan (click to see full picture)