Age: More than 2000 years
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon
Blood type: ???
Birthdate: Unknown
Height: 131 ft (head to tail)
Weight: 12 tons
First Appearance: Yet to come
Place of Origin: Galan
Occupation: ???
Position: None
Family: None

Gariadon, the Galan Nightmare, is the Great Black Dragon currently living in the wasteland known as Gariadon's Desolation. He is feared as one of the greatest masters in magic of all Aralur, and is powerful enough to destroy the whole Mount Krenian (today Krenian Memorial), though the task ceased his ability to use magic for ten years.


Being one of the four Great Dragon known by people in Galan, Gariadon seems to enjoy showing his powers to the weaker and destroying human property, only to confirm that he is the most powerful being in the kingdom.

Although he considers himself better and far superior than any of the normal races, Gariadon shows clear signals of arrogance and pleasure by chaos, and has as an habit to keep gold as a treasure.


He is far bigger than any normal dragons, being a Great Dragon, and is from the color black, with only a line in his chest showing the color of shining blue. His tail and head have white thorns coming out from them, as well as surroding his scarlett eyes.

Differently from any other dragon, normal or Great, Gariadon shows signs of some kind of feathers on the back of his head, on the wings and on the legs and a few over the tail. By some reason, he appears to be ashamed of the feathers everytime they are mentioned.


Although Gariadon can't be put in any specific class, he is one of the most powerful users of magic in Aralur, surpassing even the Archmages and being able to use virtually any of the trees of the magical arts.


Most of his history is unknown by people. It is known that he was born approximatedly two thousand years ago, though some say he was the creation of an archmage and others state he born naturally. Other than that, Gariadon often left his Desolation to destroy human property or to threath the people of Galan, until the Krenian battle, the last of the Dragon War fought against him, when he destroyed the gigantic Mount Krenian, causing the lost of ten years of magical powers. Today, he remains in his swamps, creating undead and other monsters with the use of magic and awaiting the day he can unite magic once again to transport pestilence through the whole kingdom.