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Status: Active

Locations: Alimar, Phyleira
Notable Names: Gimwere Silvertoe, Hobbs Kik

Average Height: 3' - 3'7

Average Lifespan: 75 - 80 years
Population: 5 million


Halflings are a race of very short humanoids that notably live in heavily forested areas of both Alimar and Phyleira. They are normally no taller than a human's hips. Their hair is very curly and their ears are pointed. It is not uncommon that they are also pudgy and have short, stubby fingers. 


Halflings have roamed the forests since before recorded history, and did not settle their nomadic existence until they figured out that they didn't like the outside world. Many of them hide underground, as well as inside very large trees and high life style caves which are made quite comfortable, even by some of the most aristocratic humans. 

While very few of them get involved in the politics of the outside world, there have been some very courageous halflings that made their mark in the history of Merl. Some of them helping to
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stop even the grandest scales of evils. There was even Gimwere Silvertoe from Phyleira who helped bring down one of the worst horrors ever conceived in the depths of a cave deep inside Iritrid. 

They are not great warriors, nor have they been the most famed race for their deplomatic prowess among the lands of the Pact. 



These are Halflings that live along bodies of water, especially rivers. They normally have physical attributes that help their swimming, survival and fishing. Their small river communities exist solely on the rivers, so they normally pay top coin to druids or wizards that are able to make it rain and keep the river flowing. 


Commonly mistaken for Dwarves, but generally don't mind that. These halflings have made their way into the Dwarven community and culture. Though they are generally not as skilled in crafting and mining, they learn their language more often than not. 

Hill Halflings

The more common type of Halfling, they generally stay out of the cities, and farm their own land in a peaceful environment. They are rarely disturbed or rarely disturb the outside world and all of their happenings and mishaps. They either build their own huts or hollow out a hill to live inside of it and keep to their own ways. Though, it is well known that halflings are not entirely without mischief. Their most notable physical attribute are their big, hairy feet which they do not cover up with shoes or even sandals. These are normally callus to the point that they feel no pain when stamping out a fire. Their short stature and bare feet also serve as almost flawless stealth assets.