Capital: Palana

Alignment: Pact of the Crown (Former)

Government: Monarchy (Former)
Leader: King William Henrison VII (Former)
Inhabitants: Humans, Halflings, Elves, Gnomes, Barbarians (Former)
Landskape: Plains, Rocks, Mountains, Wastelands
Population: 0


A once prosperous land with a very long, tragic past. Henrison was a land that would give Phyleira a run for its money in finances, and was larger and more populated than any other in Merl. King William Henrison was by no means the greatest King there ever was, but he was fair enough, and kept the people happy for the most part. However, King William Henrison VII was not especially good at judging character, and kept a very sick-minded, demented man as his trusted advisor. Mizar, of all men of Merl, he would go on to be the worst remembered in history. In his arrogance and enormous thirst for power, he devised an over-sized plan to take the entire homeland for himself, and kill King Henrison. 

In a way, he succeeded, but he also accidentally unleashed one of the very worst evils ever seen by this plane. This creature killed every single inhabitant of Henrison, save for one. Phyzer, son of Mizar, and the lone survivor of Henrison's absolute massacre. Because of this horrible mass of death, Phyzer was emotionally scarred, and disturbed with the obsession of finding the one responsible for what was called the Great Bloodpool. For years he scoured the edges of Merl in search, and found his way back to Henrison with a band of adventurers. He saw that it was nothing but a charred, desolate wasteland that was so far neglected that the bones of the victims were still strone across the land like garbage. 

After a long, hard-fought battle, the evil was vanquished forever, and Phyzer and his wife, Skye disappeared, leaving their adolescent children to go about the world as they wished, knowing that they helped destroy one of the greatest evils in the entire world. The land was left alone to heal on its own, and so far no one has dared to venture there again.