Status: Active

Locations: Alimar, Phyleira
Notable Names: Phyzer, Skye, Starr, Drent, King Alimar, King Phillip, Sir Eran, Mizar

Average Height: 5'7 - 6'2

Average Lifespan: 75 - 80 years
Population: 25 million


Humans are humans, but now that that's past, they have had some difficulty getting along with other races. Of all the races, they are the most average in almost every respect. Zonamao is said to the God that created the race of Men, and scattered them all across the world in order to show that he was the greatest God in the realm. Two great nations were born in the following ages, Alimar and Henrison. 

Still, there can be humans of some sort found in every place in Merl, even if they are not the dominant race of the land. Among all of the races, humans are not only the average race, but also the race most capable of great deeds as well as sinister deeds. Humans can be found on all sides of the spectrum.