Luke Zestir
Height 5'7
Weight 90
Place of Origin Galan
Race(s) Human
Age 19
Family Zestir Clan
Player Rfldsza


As many rangers of Aralur, due to the way he was raised, Luke isn't fond of cities or any "stone grounds" he has to go, prefering instead to remain in nature along with his animal companions. Along with the unlikeness of cities, his raising also introduced him to the concept of mother nature, so he does not treat nobility, or even highness, as superior to him, but when he rarely has to do it, he unpleases it. He is naturally carefree and speaks with people only when necessary, avoiding possible misunderstandings or offenses. With animals, and even plants sometimes, on the other way, he speaks freely and often, as he seems to understand they better than humans and other races (excepting elves).


He is of average height and of slim constituition. His hair, light brown, is kept short and unkempt. Although he has more than 18 years, he actually shows signs of having around 16.

As he doesn't care at all for fashion, his clothes don't vary too much. He is always seem wearing his yellow coat and red long scarf, so long it could be instead called a cape, and those are the only two clothes he enjoys dressing oftenly. Aside, he normally wears a simple shirt, surronded by a belt which also covers the coat, and a pair of hunting leather pants.


Ranger Bow - a particularly good bow for hunting and combat, sold by travelling elves in exchange of a good price.

Raging Arrows - sold by the elves along with the bow, this set of seven enchanted arrows is capable of passing through iron, if the shot is good enough.

Hunting Dagger - as one can't depend entirely in ranged weapons, Luke always carry a dagger to meele combats.


Ranger - Luke was born and raised in the woods, as a member of the Zestir clan. He grew learning how to masterly shoot with a bow and arrow and developted a connection to nature as a whole, learning how to tame or calm angry beasts or to produce a variety of potions and poisons with different herbs.


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