In the ancient times of Aralur's history, a great war was fought between two nations that lasted for two whole generations of their inhabitants. Metora and Kilgore destroyed one another for so many decades, but it was
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Kilgore that came out victorious. Metora was decimated, but the ruins of Metora's Keep still stands, though only as ruins. 


As of late, though, the neighboring city of Kohra has become attacked by the walking corpses in Metora armored uniforms, giving evidence that they are beginning to rise from the catacombs in Metora's Keep. As of yet, the Galan Knights have not seen a reason to intervene as the attacks have not been serious, but the Lord of Kohra fears that these attacks are only the beginning.


Lord Winston of Kohra has offered a great reward to any who investigate and rectify the Catacombs of Metora's Keep. Journey into the keep, but be wary of those who lurk in the shadows of its walls, and those who rise from the caskets within. 

Known Dangers