The art of death and dark magic. Not only is it able to create undeath, but it is also to spread darkness and produce terror. Necromancy starts by summoning small undead creatures such as Skeletons and Ghouls. In its later stages it can create giant monstrocities such as Lothnecs, barbarians stitched together as gigantic mounds of moving flesh. Some of the more powerful Necromancers are able to create huge armies of undead in a single incantation. 

Necromancy does not stop with simple summoning and reanimation, however. It also is able to suck the life out of organisms to gain strength. The energy projections are able to spread black flames, an
Dark mage by m hugo-d3gt7fi
inextinguishable flame that does nothing but spread unless it is struck by white magic.

Necromancy also uses ingrediants. Many of these are gained from caves, dungeons, and the corpses of various creatures, including humans and elves.



The highest order of spellcasters in the undead arts. These are wizards who have dedicated their lives to learning how to absorb the life from anything that boasts such an attribute. They have little in the ways of physical strength, but have enough power, even in their early stages, to make up for it with familiars and summons. Some of these casters are able to give up their own essence in order to enhance their powers. While this has its faults, many of them are able to not only deal with the lack of life energy, many of them thrive as such. They often work for a much higher power that have much use for their dark tactics, but a great number of them work toward their own ends.

Death Knights

The Necromancy soldier, able to use melee combat along with their death magic in a combination that has proved literally crippling. Some have
Shadow Knight
used this marriage of the arts to work their way into higher ranks than even Necromancers cannot hope to gain. Their armor is often enchanted with dark attributes, much like the Dark Elf Prince, Killian, whose dark gauntlets were able to burst with green, destructive energy that could rend flesh like cheap paper. While Death Knights are not as powerful in magic as the Necromancer, they are not to be underestimated.