Age: 1309
Gender: M
Race: Dragon
Height: 129'11
Weight: 9 tons
Place of Origin: Western Wastes

One of the four great magic dragons of Aralur. Recrose represents death in its purest and raw form. This dragon is the foremost master of Necromancy, and has the ability to raise the entirety of a graveyard with one glance. He dwells in the barren wastelands of the west, and has been sought by many followers for centuries, but has only chosen a few to give his dark blessing to. 


Strangely enough, Recrose has a very good sense of humor, and has only killed around two hundred people over the course of 13 centuries. He believes that people are going to die eventually, so it is not up to him to hurry the process along. Still, he thinks highly of himself, being the foremost expert in Necromancy, and speaks of death quite casually. Still, as good a humor as he has, he prefers to stay alone in the baron wastes, hidden from prying eyes. 

Those who actually find Recrose are greeted as his guests, however, there are very few who gain his true esteem, and those who do not, either leave or live on borrowed time.


He is fully aware that he is the second black dragon of the Legendary Four, but he is solid black with dark gray scales in his neck and underbelly. His wings are haggard, and horrid with spikes sticking out in random directions. His teeth are an average of three feet long, and his breath is so bad, it can literally choke a sheep almost instantaneously. He bares the look of famine, and death, having web-like stripes of his own flesh wilting, but not weakening. His eyes are glowing red.


In his own words, Recrose was born in a very religious household with a priest of a father who use to cradle him and kiss him goodnight every night. This is, of course, not true at all, but he seems to get a good laugh if people believe him. His first sighting was in the year 132 of recorded time, though he was born before recorded time. The first man to meet him was one Icarnari Numei, one of the very first practitioners of black magic. Although he was of amazing skill and craft, he was denied Recrose's Esteem. This brought him great anger, and the battle that ensued brought death to the surrounding area around where Recrose slumbered. Thus the mountains and valleys around Recrose became the Western Wastelands. Recrose ended up destroying Icarnari, but the battle left him drained. The great dragon dug himself into a giant rock, and slept for thirty years. 

Since then, Recrose has given his esteem to only a handfull of people who seek him out.