Age: 37
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Blood type: O-
Birthdate: April 15th
Height: 6' 2 ft
Weight: 220 lbs.
First Appearance:
Place of Origin: Galan
Class: Knight
Position: King of the White Sun

The self-proclaimed "King Rutheren" was once the lord of Zenewark, capital of Galan. He was the most prosperous and richest of all of the lords in the land. However, his peers and helpers discovered that not only did he do some juggling of the books, but he was actively involved in several unscrupulous activities, many of them involving slave trade. After this came to the attention of the public, Rutheren was removed from lordship, and stripped of his power. 

Rutheren took up his sword, holed away what riches he could gather, and went on a rampage against many of the nobles of Zenewark before any of them could take up the lordship he worked so hard to contain. He was banished from the Kingdom as they could not track him down in time to capture him. 

Seeking the aid of his old friend, Skienda, a powerful Augurer, he sought revenge on those he felt had wronged him. Together, they brought together a group of combat experts, and formed the White Sun Clan. He promised a great deal of money to bandits and criminals in exchange for working with them. While his resources were limited, he began raiding riches from people he once knew from his lordship, and gaining many assets from their destruction. Before too long, he gained a great deal of infamy, and hid from sight while his clan took control. Under his rule, they brought a new threat to the Kingdom of Galan.