Height: 5 ft 9 in

Weight: 40 lbs.

Terrain:Grasslands, Plains, Deserts

Skeletons are the primary undead soldiers used by Necromancers and other Dark Augurers who practice the magic of the dead. These skeletons have a very basic skill in sword fighting, but can also be used as archers with very minimal skill in accuracy. What they lack in combat capability they very often make up for it in numbers. There are, however, more advanced forms of skeletons that are better skilled.

Wraith Knight

The wraith is a better skilled form of the skeleton. These wraiths have some powers in Necromancy, and also bare some skill in melee combat. These monsters are very rare, and can only be summoned by those highly practice in the black arts. In an army of skeletons, the Wraith Knights are normally appointed as the leader of the pack, just below the Necromancer who summoned them.