Height: 2 ft

Weight: 40 lbs.

Terrain:Forests, Plains, Hills

Slimes are about the most common monsters seen in the wildernesses of Aralur. They come in many colors, and each color stands for a different type of Slime. 

Blue Slimes

The normal type of slime. They have no strengths or any type of special skills, but they sometimes travel in packs. They will attack you for no other reason than to entertain themselves.

Red Slimes

The stronger type of slime, but still not much stronger than a Blue Slime.
Farmers and workers have complained that these slimes ruin their work, especially when they come in packs to eat their crops or stomp on their labored structures.

Dark Slimes


Winged Slimes that have vampire-like qualities and are known to bite. Their wings are not especially useful, only aiding their short jumps to make them a little longer. They have very little magic skill, and their magic is only used for small damaging spells.

Bubble Slimes

Partially melted slimes, while they are not any stronger than your normal, run of the mill slimes, they are venomous.
One bite from these slimes can induce feverish effects of poison. 

Metal Slimes

The rarest type of slime, a slime made entirely of metal who does not do a lot of
Metal Slime
damage. They do, however, defend especially well, and even the sharpest swords take an extended period of time to take them down. Some of the strongest warriors have hacked at these metal slimes for hours and have not been able to catch them before they finally tire out.

King Slimes

A very large, stronger type of slime. Not only are they harder to defeat than your average slime, and even have some magic abilities that can be considered dangerous such as summoning other slimes to come to their aid. They can also cast small fireballs.