The Archives of the Liverteri has never been seen before 1280. Many said that there was no construction of any kind. In fact, ever since before recorded history, there was nothing there but a very large hill. It wasn't until a gigantic wind storm blew down several villages on the outskirts of Galan that it was ever discovered.
Though the thought of wind blowing away an entire hill is ridiculous, there stood a full structure where the hill once was. While there have been several people who explored the inside of the library, there have been quite a few that entered the library, and never came back out. Though some say that the dangers of the library are minimal, there are some who cannot ignore the loss of people.


There is an old man who entered the village of Orolon, speaking of knowledge of the library. He has been looking for anyone who is brave enough to overcome the dangers of the Archives that he called Liverteri. There is ancient knowledge hidden in those archives. He has offered a huge reward for anyone to bring him a specific item from the library.