The Great Bog

Barbarian by andrebdois

Capital: None

Alignment: None

Government: Gang
Leader: None
Inhabitants: Orcs, Trolls, Goblins, and Humans
Landskape: Swamps, Marsh, and Bogs
Population: 90 Thousand


A breeding ground for Trolls, and a home for some of the sickest, most horrible villains in the entire world of Merl. The Great Bog is that, and more. Filled with nothing but swamplands as far as the eye can see, and danger from every angle. Even when you are out at sea, and simply crossing its waters, you have a chance of being targeted from some kind of attack.

Many crime families use it as a home base, especially that of Orcs or Ogres, as it has many interesting qualities that make it a perfect place to gain wild beasts or other villains as hirelings or pets. 

What few villages it does have are normally dumps of the worst possible caliber and whatever hobbles there is either someone who killed their way into the ranks of a villain or keep to themselves enough for self defense.

This is not always the case, many bounty heads can be found hiding within these horrific marshes, but that is scraping at the very bottom of the barrel for the very last resort. 

That is only the beginning. There are many, very dangerous creatures in the Bog. Some are very small, but some of them are large enough to fully take in a human cranium without strain. There has even been legend of a great, black dragon.

The legend of the dragon began in the beginning of the fifth age, when a huge band of ogres made their way onto the Bog and began to terrorize many of the inhabitants without warning, killing several of them, and
disturbing much of the wildlife with their antics. It wasn't until a week later that their bodies were found, partially melted and charred, as well as half-eaten. The legend of Dogmu began, a gigantic dragon that breathes green fire and has scales as black as the deepest levels of the sea. While no one has ever seen Dogmu, there have been stories, as well as certain signs that locals have taken as proof that he is not just a myth.