The world of Merl expands over 20 million square miles of land and sea. The main bodies of land are Alimar, Gritomeia, Mepherius, Henrison, and New Grito.

The Regions

Alimar, the land mostly ruled by the King of the same name.

Gritomeia, a smaller continent of the Elves, who desire to be away from the other lands as much as they can be.

Mepherius is a long, expanding land with many inhabitants, but it is also the site of the largest battlefield in history.

New Grito is a land that has very little but sorrow in its past. Was once the new land for Elves, but was decimated, and ravaged by a giant army of Ogres, of which there has never been in a millennium. The Ogres now reside on it in many tribes and territories.

Henrison once flourished as a land superior to Alimar in its bountiful production and natural resources throughout the land. That was until the great death occured, and in one single night, eight million inhabitants were killed under very mysterious circumstances.

The Great Bog has been known as the armpit of the world. Nothing but swamp as far as the eye can see, and dangerous in its wildlife and troublesome residents.