Height: avg

Weight: avg

Terrain: Forests, Hills, Desert (Fire Wolf), Swamp (Mire Wolf)

Wolves are an uncommon foe in the world of Aralur, but are among the most crafty. They are intelligent, and are capable of standing on their hind legs and using magic and weapons. They typically hunt and travel in small packs.

Brier Wolf

Wolves that have wrapped themselves in brier bushes and use the thorns to damage opponents. Close-quarter fighters.

Buyer Wolf

An extremely rare type of wolf that doesn't have the same aggressive tendencies as other wolves. Instead they act as merchants, hunting animals and scavenging off of dead adventurers and selling their wares on roadsides or markets.

Choir Wolf

Crier Wolf

Fire Wolf

Flyer Wolf

Friar Wolf

Higher Wolf

Lier Wolf

Mire Wolf

Wire Wolf