Age: Eternity
Gender: M
Race: Dragon
Height: 100'7
Weight: 8 tons
Place of Origin: Eternity

One of the four great magic dragons of Aralur. Zeitpunk represents the passage of time and what comes with it, age, experience and decay. He has lived in this world longer than any other being can recall and based on the evidence, has always existed. He rests within the dense forests of the south-east, which have grown wide and tall thanks to his influence. The beasts within have also flourished, and ensure that any who enter these forests never leave.


Zeitpunk is reclusive, reluctant to create a relationship with a being who will eventually die while he lives on. He has developed a fondness for his forest, as he sees it as a single eternal entity like himself. He hates action and excitement, and just wants to maintain his serene lifestyle. He is however, extremely protective of his forest and will destroy anyone who would threaten it with the full force of his abilities.

His apparent immunity to death has greatly inflated his ego, and when he is challenged he shows a cocky attitude, inclined to boasting about his eternal life and comparing it to the challenger's relatively short lifespan.