The Royal Capital Zenewark is a city located fairly norht in Galan's north, serving as its capital, home for the royal family and, therefore, main center of power in the whole kingdom. It is divided in five districts (or quarters), plus the Royal Palace, that have limited access granted.

The Quarters

- Merchant's Quarters

The first quarters from the entrance of Zenewark, the Merchant's Quarters is the bigger and most populated area in the city. Anyone's presence is allowed within its streets, any race, age or social class, and its the bigger comercial center in the kingdom. Despite the name, the area has more houses for citizens than stores and merchants.

- Inhuman's Quarters

Created especifically for races other than humans, these quarters offer room for any inhuman who wish to sleep under a roof without suffering from racism or violence, for a price of course. For any human to enter its domains, its necessary an authorization from

- Royal Palace

Home for the King, the Queen and their family, as well as other members of elite, the area not only holds the palace, but a whole set of luxury mansions and homes for other noble families. Entering requires evidence of being from the high class.

- Knights' Quarters

The home and training place for the Knights of Galan, the defenders of the kingdom. Only knights and nobles are allowed there, unless it is allowed by one of the Seven Silver Angels, the maximum power within the Knights.

- Augurers' Quarters

Special quarters for the use and research of magic, inhabitted only by augurers and those allowed by them to enter. Even for the royal family is necessary an authorization to enter the area, as it is officially part of the Magocracy.



Simplified map of the Merchant's Quarters, the only with an official map (click to see full picture)